Spray Painting / Powder Coating Booths

Spray Painting/ Powder Coating Booths

Spray Painting Booths with pump without pump are very popular, and widely used by a number of leading Industries all over India.Spray Painting Booths offer the following advantages over other types of conventional Booths. The design allows for improved working environmental conditions. The possibility of over spray fumes marring or spoiling the finish of the final products is eliminated. The quality of the finished product is improved, for the design and construction of the Spray Painting Booths are such that while spraying, volatile fumes and any residual over spray is carried away. The Spray Painting Booths require least maintenance for there are fewer parts that are subject to wear and tear. The Spray Painting Booths are easy to assemble and do not occupy much space.

Paint shop / Painting booth with exhaust ventilation system

The exhaust system remove the paint fume laden air inside the painting zone. Dry type: spray painting booth will have filter media (paper / fabric) to eliminate the paint fume from the exhaust air. This paint booth will have filter section in the rear draft plenum. We select the material of construction based on the MSDS of the paint. We execute total paint shop project providing required paint booths, flash off zones, conveyor, baking oven and other required material handling systems. Wet type: spray painting booth will have water screen to scrub the exhaust fume laden air before dispersing to the atmosphere. This painting booth will have internal water sump, water screen plate, water re circulating system, rear side draft section with exhaust blowers and spray painting zone. If the paint booth has to be closed one, we provide make up fresh air system as optional..

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